Florida Man Accused of Injecting Chemicals into Neighbor’s Apartment

Xuming Li, a 36-year-old former chemistry Ph.D. student from the University of South Florida, is under arrest after allegedly injecting harmful chemicals into his neighbor’s apartment on multiple occasions. Umar Abdullah, the aggrieved party, lived in the condo above Li with his wife and 10-month-old baby. After persistent chemical smells, Abdullah set up a surveillance system, which reportedly captured Li committing the act.

Chronicle of Events

  • June 2022: Abdullah and his wife moved into a third-floor condo.
  • Later in 2022: The couple welcomed their baby daughter. Post the baby’s arrival: Li and Abdullah started a disagreement over noise complaints, with Li emphasizing common noises like the vacuum running, toilet seat closing, and dresser drawer opening.
  • Early 2023: Li reported Abdullah to the condo association and called the police complaining about the noise.
  • May 2023: While Abdullah and his family were away, a visitor noticed a strong, eye-burning smell at the condo.
  • Following weeks: The chemical smell persisted, causing several health issues like coughing, vomiting in the infant, skin and eye irritation, headaches, and shortness of breath among family members. Multiple experts, including a plumber, an AC repairman, and the local fire department, failed to identify the source.
  • June 27, 2023: Abdullah’s hidden camera allegedly captured Li using a syringe to inject a substance into their apartment through a door crack.

Chemical Analysis and Arrest

According to the Tampa Police Department:

  • Chemical Composition: The substances were identified as methadone and hydrocodone, both opioid narcotics.
  • Hazmat Assessment: Subsequent examinations of the scene reaffirmed the chemical’s identification.

Li was promptly arrested on June 27. In the course of the investigation, an officer who came into contact with the chemicals also experienced skin irritation. As a result, Li faced additional charges.

Charges and Legal Proceedings

  • Charges: Li was slapped with multiple charges, including felony aggravated stalking, dispersing a chemical agent, possession of a controlled substance, and battery on a law enforcement officer.
  • Legal Representation: Li has pleaded not guilty. His attorney has stated, “All the facts will come out in due time.”
  • Next Hearing: Li’s upcoming court date, a disposition hearing, is scheduled for December 5th.

Victim’s Statement

Umar Abdullah expressed his dismay and horror at the unfolding events, stating to WFLA, “Even during the war, the worst enemies do not attack the opponent, the other party, with chemicals.” The psychological impact of the incident has been profound, with Abdullah recounting to Fox News Digital, “The incident still haunts us like the worst nightmare.”

Expert Opinions

Legal experts have commented that if found guilty, Li could face severe consequences, given the gravity of his alleged offenses. Dr. Jane Mitchell, a renowned toxicologist, mentioned in a recent interview, “The combination of methadone and hydrocodone, especially in unknown concentrations, can be particularly harmful and even lethal in certain circumstances.”


The incident raises questions about how personal disputes escalate to such dangerous levels. Mental health professionals emphasize the importance of addressing grievances in healthy ways and seeking mediation or counseling when conflicts intensify. This incident might serve The shocking turn of events highlights the extreme measures one might take in personal disputes. The case is still ongoing, and it remains to be seen how the legal proceedings will unfold, as both parties await the court’s judgment.

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