Gators’ Strategy: Return Game Offense and Key Updates on Player Injuries

The Florida Gators, led by head coach Billy Napier, have been actively experimenting with their kick-returning strategy. Last season, Napier made significant changes by introducing then-freshman running back Trevor Etienne and sophomore wide receiver Xzavier Henderson. This decision was prompted by Ja’Markis Weston’s less-than-stellar average of 18 yards over four kickoffs against rivals Utah and Kentucky.

Etienne’s Rise to Prominence

Despite a somewhat lukewarm start, Etienne demonstrated substantial potential with his agility and dexterity on the field. His impressive performance earned him an average of 24.8 yards per kick return over 17 attempts the previous year. In the current year’s fall training camp, Etienne stands as an undoubted asset in the Gators’ return game strategy.

Uncertainties in the Return Group

However, with Henderson’s transition to Cincinnati, the Florida Gators face uncertainties in their kick and punt return group. Napier remains hopeful, indicating Ricky Pearsall as a potential strong contributor. Pearsall’s previous season had glimpses of excellence, but he couldn’t match Etienne’s soaring stats. Nevertheless, Pearsall is optimistic about his role in the team, as he recently stated, “It’s a little nerve-wracking but I’m going to be the guy to do it.”

Fresh Faces in the Return Game

In a bid to optimize the team’s return game, other players such as Montrell Johnson Jr., Eugene “Tre” Wilson III, Andy Jean, and Aidan Mizell are also being considered for their capabilities. Wilson and Mizell, in particular, have a history of commendable performances in their high school games, making them likely candidates for in-game opportunities.

Emphasis on Speed

Napier’s strategy is evident: prioritize speed and agility. The return game is an area where he believes quick, agile players can make a significant difference. Continuous updates on the Gators’ tactics can be found on All Gators.

Player Injury Updates

Recent Injuries

In a recent update, Napier shared that tight end Dante Zanders and Edge Kelby Collins are expected to be sidelined due to injuries. While the duration of their absence is yet to be determined, Collins, especially, as a freshman out of Alabama, is a noteworthy loss, considering he was the No. 45 player nationally in the class of 2023.

Returning Players

On a positive note, Napier also revealed that linebacker Scooby Williams, cornerback Jason Marshall, and offensive lineman Lyndell Hudson are anticipated to return soon, strengthening the Gators’ defense and offensive lineups.

Gators Announce Starting Quarterback

Graham Mertz Steps Up

Billy Napier has officially named Graham Mertz as the Gators’ starting quarterback for the 2023 season. Replacing Anthony Richardson, Mertz, with his experience from four years at Wisconsin, stands out as the optimal choice. His impressive record of 5,405 yards and 38 touchdown passes solidifies his position in the team.

Napier’s Confidence in Mertz

Coach Napier has expressed immense confidence in Mertz, praising not only his physical abilities but also his leadership and professional qualities. Mertz’s dedication, hard work, and strategic mindset have made a lasting impression on Napier.

Rivals in the Lineup

Jack Miller, the former Ohio State transfer, was another strong contender for the quarterback position. Despite Miller’s commendable offseason performance, Napier ultimately chose Mertz for the starting role. The Gators’ upcoming game against Utah will be Mertz’s first opportunity to prove himself as the team’s leading quarterback.


As the Florida Gators gear up for the 2023 season, strategic changes, injury updates, and key player introductions play a crucial role in shaping the team’s future performance. With Mertz leading the lineup and Napier’s strategic insights, the Gators are poised for a thrilling season.

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