Disgraced Former Congressman Chris Collins Eyeing a Return to Politics in Florida

Chris Collins, the ex-Congressman from Western New York, is contemplating a return to the political arena in a bid for the House of Representatives in Florida. This comes after Collins’ criminal conviction for insider trading and subsequent pardon by former president Donald Trump.

A Possible Comeback

As Collins settles into his new life in Florida, sources have revealed that he’s considering running for a seat in Florida’s 19th Congressional District. The precondition is that the current representative of the District, fellow Republican, and former New Yorker Byron Donalds, steps down to run for Governor or Senate. The 19th District includes Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel, Bonita Springs, and Marco Island along the Gulf Coast. This district has been a Republican stronghold for over a decade and has been represented by Donalds since 2021. If Collins is successful in his election bid, it would be a historic achievement. According to WGRZ, he would become the first member to represent two different states in Congress in the past 55 years.

Legal Troubles and Controversy

Collins, who was first elected to Congress in 2012 and served three terms, found his career derailed by legal issues. In 2019, Collins admitted to conspiracy to commit securities fraud and lying to the FBI. The conviction stemmed from charges that he leaked confidential information about a pharmaceutical company’s failed drug trial, thereby preventing an $800,000 loss in the stock market. His legal team successfully pushed back the start of his 26-month federal prison sentence to October 2020, arguing that Collins, aged 70 at the time and suffering from asthma, was at an increased risk of catching COVID-19 in prison. However, Collins was released early in December 2020 following a pardon by Trump.

A Pardoned Felon’s Right to Run

Despite his felony conviction, Collins retains the right to run for federal office, as per the U.S. Department of Justice. While the pardon from former President Trump allowed his early release, it did not erase his conviction from his criminal record. Both the pardon and conviction appear on Collins’ criminal record. In January 2021, Collins reappeared on social media with a video bearing the hashtags “#PrisonReform” and “#BusinessCoach,” hinting at his ongoing political ambitions.

Endorsement for Trump

Collins, recognized as one of the initial supporters of Trump, was the inaugural Congress member to back him for the presidency. In a twist of fate in 2017, while at the Congressional Picnic held at the White House, Collins got an email from a pharmaceutical company’s CEO regarding a failed drug experiment. His involvement in an insider trading scandal where he tipped his son to unload shares before public disclosure led to a drastic fall in stock price by 92%. As he envisages a potential re-entry into Congress, this former representative from Western New York is forming his campaign team. This signifies a new era in the acclaimed political life of Chris Collins. A comprehensive timeline related to the proceedings against Collins until October 2019 can be viewed here.

Possibilities and Impediments

Victory would symbolize an impressive political resurgence for Collins despite bearing a criminal conviction publicly highlighted. Nevertheless, his envisioned nomination for Florida’s 19th Congressional District isn’t without obstacles. The existence of Collins’ criminal past might act as an obstacle for voters due to doubts about his leadership integrity. His controversial involvement in insider trading, his guilty plea, and subsequent pardon have cast a visible shadow over his political achievements to date. Moreover, while former President Trump endorsed his early release via pardon, it continues to remain contested and could influence voter decisions.

Awaiting a Decision from Byron Donalds

The prospective candidacy of Collins depends largely on Byron Donalds’ next move. If Donalds – today’s representative of Florida’s 19th Congressional District – decides not to run again and instead opts for either Governor or Senate office, it would certainly make way for launching Collin’s campaign. Despite speculations that Donalds may run for governor if Ron DeSantis becomes president by 2024, any official decision is still pending. Donald’s endorsement of ex-President Donald Trump holds importance since he has been serving as a representative member of District-19 since its inception.

The Political Scene at District-19th

Florida’s 19th Congressional District has strong historical Republican allegiances spanning more than ten years, making it potentially favorable grounds for Collins if he runs thereon; however, this does come with strings attached, given existing legal complications that could question voter loyalty even within this bastion stronghold. Perimeters belonging to well-known Sunshine State cities lie under reference districts which include Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel, Bonita Springs & Marco Island, among others. If achieved, Collins will become the first candidate representing multiple states cross-congressionally registering onto record books after almost six decades, according to WGRZ data.

Moving Forward

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