Best Places to Find Seashells Near Destin, Florida

If you’re an enthusiast for seashell hunting, Destin, Florida should be on your radar. But with so many beaches around, where should you start your adventure?

Top 5 Places to Find Seashells Near Destin, Florida

1. Okaloosa Island

One of the top spots near Destin for seashell enthusiasts is Okaloosa Island. Situated just a short drive away, this location promises not just serenity, but also a rich bounty of seashells.

  • Easy access from Destin
  • Deserted, peaceful beaches
  • High chances of finding unique shells

What Visitors Say:

Many have found a variety of seashells along the water’s edge, making it a rewarding experience. The beautiful scenery combined with the thrill of discovery makes it a favorite among many.

2. Shell Island, Panama City Beach

As the name suggests, Shell Island is a haven for seashell collectors. Although a bit of a drive from Destin, the treasures you can find here are worth it.

  • An abundance of unique seashells like sand dollars, moon snails, and conch shells.
  • Visitors are free to take shells, as long as there aren’t live animals inside.

What Visitors Say:

Shell Island truly lives up to its name. Many have come back with delightful finds, showcasing the island’s rich marine biodiversity.

3. Navarre Beach

A lesser-known gem, Navarre Beach is just a 30-minute drive from Destin. With clear waters and fewer crowds, this is the perfect spot for a peaceful shelling adventure.

  • Presence of rare seashells like Junonian shells, sunray Venus shells, and worm snails.
  • Thousands of seashells wash up daily.

What Visitors Say:

Many have praised Navarre Beach for its stunning, clear waters and the vast variety of seashells available. The rare finds here are particularly a treat for collectors.

4. Miramar Beach

Just a stone’s throw away from Destin, Miramar Beach is another hotspot for seashell enthusiasts.

  • A short 15-minute drive from Destin.
  • Bountiful seashells along the shores.

What Visitors Say:

Many visitors recommend taking a walk into the water for a better chance at finding unique shells. It’s a location that never disappoints, with new finds awaiting each time.

5. St George Island

A bit farther away, but a shelling paradise nonetheless. St George Island promises a plethora of marine treasures for those willing to take the journey.

  • Vast variety of seashells including oysters, clams, and sand dollars.
  • Dynamic shelling experience – no two days are the same.

What Visitors Say:

Shelling enthusiasts have often returned from St George Island with a rich haul. The variety and sheer number of shells make every trip a unique adventure.

Which is the Best Option?

If you’re looking for proximity and convenience, Miramar Beach and Okaloosa Island are your best bets. However, for those willing to travel a bit, Navarre Beach and St George Island promise a treasure trove of unique and rare seashells. Ultimately, every beach has its charm, so why not explore them all?

Shelling Tips & Tricks

Before you set off on your seashell-hunting adventure, here are a few tips:

  • Go early in the morning to get the best picks.
  • Use a hand sieve to filter out the sand and find the best shells.
  • Visiting after a storm often results in a richer bounty.

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