Best Western Live Beach Cams at Fort Myers

Fort Myers Beach is a prime location for sun, surf, and sand. To get a sneak peek of the paradise that awaits you, live beach cams have become increasingly popular. Here’s a rundown of some of the top live beach cams in Fort Myers.

Best Live Beach Cams in Fort Myers

1. Fort Myers Beach Live Cam 

684 Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

About the Webcam

The Best Western Plus Beach Resort webcam provides viewers with a slice of paradise in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Nestled at the north end of Estero Island, this hotel not only boasts scenic views but also offers top-notch rooms and suites that perfectly blend comfort and style.


  • Live streaming of Fort Myers Beach
  • Current weather and surf conditions
  • Nearby attractions include Sanibel Island, Captiva, Naples, and more

User Reviews – Pros & Cons

Beautiful view of the beachOccasional streaming interruptions
Helpful for vacation planningSome camera angles miss key spots


The Best Western Plus Beach Resort webcam stands out as an exceptional choice for those wanting to experience a slice of Fort Myers Beach paradise. Its location on Estero Island provides a unique and stunning perspective, and the additional information about nearby attractions and current weather conditions makes it an invaluable resource for both vacationers and daydreamers alike.

2. Pink Shell Beach Resort – Live Beach & Wave Cams

Experience Fort Myers in Real Time

The Pink Shell Beach Resort offers more than just a live view of the beach. It allows you to dive deep into what the resort has to offer through photo galleries and a 360-degree virtual vacation tour.

User Reviews – Pros & Cons

Clear and high-definition streamingLimited view of the entire resort
360-degree virtual tour is a plusRequires high-speed internet for best experience


Offering more than just a view, the Pink Shell Beach Resort webcam transports its viewers directly to the heart of Fort Myers beachfront. With the inclusion of a 360-degree virtual tour and photo galleries, it’s almost as if you’re walking on the sandy shores yourself. It is an immersive experience that sets it apart from many other beach cams.

3. Diamondhead Resort Fort Myers Beach Webcam

Get Ready for Your Vacation!

Diamond Head Beach Resort’s live beach cam gives you a preview of your upcoming vacation. See if it matches your vibe before planning your next visit. Don’t forget to check out their cabañas beach bar while you’re there!

User Reviews – Pros & Cons

Live preview of the resortStreaming is not 24/7
Helps in vacation decision-makingCamera view is fixed and not panoramic


The Diamond Head Beach Resort’s webcam serves as a tantalizing teaser for what awaits visitors. Its clear and up-close view of the resort and beach offers a genuine feel of the location, making it easier for prospective visitors to envision themselves there. The added glimpse of the cabañas beach bar is a delightful bonus, hinting at the relaxation and fun that the resort promises.

Which is the Best Option?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive view with additional features like a 360-degree virtual tour, the Pink Shell Beach Resort is your go-to. However, for those keen on a serene beach view and a glimpse of nearby attractions, the Best Western Plus Beach Resort offers a captivating experience. Lastly, for a straightforward view to gauge your next vacation spot, Diamond Head Beach Resort serves the purpose well.

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