Breeze Airways Major Expansion: New Routes to Florida Commencing November

The ultra-low-cost carrier, Breeze Airways, has announced a major expansion with a focus on Florida, adding 11 new routes in the Sunshine State to serve sun-seeking leisure travelers. The expansion comes on the heels of a rapid growth trajectory since the airline’s launch in May 2021, under the helm of serial airline entrepreneur David Neeleman.

Expansion Focus: Fort Myers and Beyond

The major focus of this expansion is the city of Fort Myers, located along Florida’s popular southern Gulf coast. Known for its tourist hotspots such as Naples and Sanibel Island, Fort Myers is set to benefit from nine new routes, courtesy of Breeze Airways.

Destinations include nonstop flights to cities like New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and Columbus, Ohio, with Breeze now offering flights to a total of 13 destinations from Fort Myers. Additionally, the Florida expansion will see the addition of new nonstop routes from Providence, Rhode Island to Jacksonville and Vero Beach. The new routes are scheduled to begin in November.

Breeze’s Strategy and Current Offerings

Breeze’s strategy focuses on serving smaller cities with nonstop routes that are often overlooked by larger rivals relying on a hub-and-spoke model. This strategy aligns with the carrier’s rapid expansion, aiming to accommodate underserved destinations and leisure-focused centers.

By November, Breeze’s total nonstop routes to seven Florida destinations, including Orlando, Sarasota, Tampa, and West Palm Beach, will tally 58. Introductory fares for these routes start as low as $39 one-way.

New Routes and Fares

Here are some of the new routes, along with the start dates and introductory fares:

  • Fort Myers to Akron, Ohio: Starts Nov. 16, with fares starting at $59 one-way
  • Fort Myers to Columbus, Ohio: Starts Nov. 16, with fares starting at $59 one-way
  • Fort Myers to Louisville, Kentucky: Starts Nov. 16, with fares starting at $49 one-way
  • Fort Myers to New Orleans: Starts Nov. 2, with fares starting at $49 one-way
  • Fort Myers to Norfolk, Virginia: Starts Nov. 2, with fares starting at $49 one-way
  • Providence to Jacksonville: Starts Nov. 3, with fares starting at $79 one-way
  • Providence to Vero Beach: Starts Nov. 2, with fares starting at $79 one-way

Growth and Performance

Ever since it started, Breeze Airways has improved a lot. The most recent information up to March this year shows that the number of people using Breeze increased by slightly more than 40% compared to last year, reaching over 10,000 travelers just in March.

What sets this budget airline apart from its competitors is its flexible policy for altering or canceling flights. Passengers can change or cancel their flights without any cost up to 15 minutes before their flight is due to leave, and they even receive credit for future flights that can be used for up to two years.

Breeze in Akron-Canton

In Northeast Ohio, Breeze will start flying from Akron-Canton Airport to Fort Myers three times per week starting November 16, with an introductory fare of $59 one way. With this addition, Breeze will be flying to seven destinations from Akron-Canton.

“We’re thrilled that Breeze Airways is reintroducing nonstop service to Fort Myers, a beloved destination for Northeast Ohio residents,” said Lisa Dalpiaz, vice president of air service and business development at Akron-Canton Airport.

Looking Forward

Breeze Airways is growing big time, making a special spot for itself in Florida. Their new flights are for everyone, the people who live in Florida and those from all over America who want to enjoy Florida’s sun and sand. For more info on when the flights are, where they go, and how much they cost, go to Breeze Airways’ real website at

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