Yogurt Frenzy is Coming to Bushnell


A healthy new dessert stop is coming to Bushnell!

Yogurt Frenzy, a soon-to-be frozen yogurt shoppe, is closing in on its grand opening.

To find out more about what’s up with this frozen yogurt craze coming our way, I interviewed Rebecca Lloyd, who is soon to be managing the business.


Where did the idea for Yogurt Frenzy come from? And how are you getting started?

We sought out to find a product that we could use to complement the [Bushnell Motorsports Park] go cart track thriving next-door. But it turned into an idea that we knew would be a great addition to the entire community.

 After exploring a few different franchise options we selected Yogurt Frenzy brand yogurt. We decided it would be the best fit for our lifestyle and what we want to promote to the community. Though it will give everyone the more indulgent options that we all love as well.

So, what is it and who is it for?

Yogurt frenzy is a self-serve, pay by the ounce yogurt bar with a large selection of flavors, both traditional and more original options. In addition to frozen yogurt, gelatos and dairy free choices will grace the menu. There will even be smoothie selections to pick from. Toppings will range from fresh cut fruit and a variety of nuts to your favorite cookies, candy bars and candy.  Top it with a myriad of syrups and whipped cream and our customers will have a completely customized and delicious dessert. With so many options our products will surely appeal to patrons of all ages.

 Is it healthy?

Yes, one of the main reasons we selected Yogurt Frenzy brand yogurt is the high quality of ingredients. Frozen yogurt in and of itself contains probiotics that promote improved gut health. Additionally our product is sweetened with Stevia. In many studies, Stevia has been proven to be a safer alternative to sugar with a glycemic index of zero. Some flavors may also be sweetened with fructose which has a glycemic index of just 25. Fructose is derived from fruits making it a natural sweetener as well. Yogurt Frenzy froyo is also high in antioxidants and contains a B vitamin complex for a natural energy and metabolism boost. All of these things ensure a delicious snack that won’t derail your health goals. We believe in moderation and there’s always room for froyo. Whether you are indulging in a little extra or keeping it on the light side. 

How do you think Yogurt Frenzy will impact the Bushnell community?

We are so excited to bring this product to our area. It will provide families with an option for dessert after dinner, ballgames and dance class. Local seniors will have a place to visit during their days in our town. And it will give teens a place to gather for a snack. Our froyo will allow each and every person to be as health minded or as extravagant as they choose. Our product and service is going to be unlike anything else in this community.

Yogurt Frenzy will be located at 5281 Pit Rd. in Bushnell, just past Sonny’s and next to Bushnell Motorsports Park.

If you’re as excited about this as we are, “like” Yogurt Frenzy Bushnell on Facebook to watch the progress unfold!