Wrong Man Arrested in Connection With Man Pushed Off of Boat and Left Overnight


TAVARES — The wrong man was arrested in connection with a man being pushed off of a boat and left in a Mount Dora canal back in August after what deputies say was a paperwork error.

Central Florida Wire previously reported on the incident after receiving an arrest report with the alleged suspect’s arrest, however, Lt. John Herrell with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office stated that the man arrested and identified in the previous story was not the suspect they were looking for.

64-year-old William Braswell was arrested Friday night after an arrest warrant was issued with the wrong name.


Herrell stated the correct suspect wanted in connection with the incident is identified as William Brazzell.

According to Herrell, it seems there was an error when entering the suspect’s name and the warrant was issued for William Braswell instead.

Braswell has since been cleared of all charges and the State Attorney’s Office is looking into the error and working to obtain an arrest warrant for the correct suspect.

The previous story published by Central Florida Wire has since been corrected.

Central Florida Wire would like to issue our deepest apologies for the error.