Woman Charged After Allegedly Driving Intoxicated with Children


GROVELAND — A Leesburg woman was charged with child neglect after allegedly driving under the influence with two small children in the vehicle with her according to arrest reports.

According to the report, deputies were canvassing the area near US Highway 27 and State Road 19 when one deputy spotted a white Infinity SUV traveling “at a high rate of speed”.

The deputy reported that the driver of the SUV was traveling southbound at 90 miles per hour and was not showing signs of slowing down for heavy traffic. The driver instead recklessly changed lanes and picked up speed as it drove in and out of traffic congestion according to the report.


Deputies conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and found 27-year-old Marjorie Smith in the driver’s seat.

According to deputies, Smith became belligerentĀ and began yelling at the deputies. Smith’s speech was reportedly slurred and she was unable to maintain her balance while questioned by the deputies.

Two small children were also found in the vehicle that Smith was driving.

When deputies attempted to place Smith into custody, she reportedly became violent and aggressive pulling away from the deputies and kicking and screaming.

Paramedics were called out to the scene to evaluate Smith due to her actions. The report stated that Smith attempted to bite one of the paramedics as well as one of the deputies during their evaluation.

Smith was transported to a local emergency room where she continued to act violent and aggressive toward staff and deputies. She also repeatedly kept yelling “rape” as deputies restrained her.

Smith’s actions were reportedly so aggressive that the medical staff advised that they were unable to keep her and would have to discharge her from the emergency room.

When Smith was transported to the Lake County Jail, she refused to complete a breathalyzer test.

During a search of Smith’s vehicle, deputies also found a glass pipe and some marijuana.

During her booking, Smith admittedĀ to deputies that she had been drinking and had taken several shots of vodka before getting in the car with the two small children.

Smith was charged with two counts of child neglect, resisting arrest, reckless driving, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under the influence, and driving without a valid driver’s license.

Smith was booked into the Lake County Jail where she remains in lieu of a $14,000 bond.

The two small children were released to the custody of a relative.