Leesburg Woman Arrested for Domestic Violence and Battery on an Officer

Leesburg Woman Arrest for Deomestic Violence

LEESBURG – Leesburg Police officers arrest a woman for domestic battery after responding to a call in the area of West Main Street and South Street in Leesburg on Wednesday just before 7:00 pm.

When officers arrived in the area, witnesses directed them to the Circle K by the AMF bowling alley where officers made contact with a man and woman, later identified as Sarita Abraham.

Officers were able to restrain the male without incident. The arresting officer noted in his report that Abraham “did not appear to have any marks, cuts, or bruises” and the man had scratch marks down his back.While the officer was detaining the male, Abraham got up and began to walk away from the officer ignoring his calls to stop and come back. Abraham then crossed over


While the officer was detaining the male, Abraham got up and began to walk away from the officer ignoring his repeated calls to stop and come back. During this time, witnesses told officers that Abraham was the instigator. Abraham then crossed over CR 468 and began running away from the officer.

The officer pursued Abraham on foot and was able to catch up to her. When he did, Abraham grabbed the officer by the front of his uniform and held him in a tight grip. After a short struggle, the officer was able to restrain Abraham by placing her in an armbar hold on the ground until another officer was able to handcuff her.

While escorting Abraham to their patrol vehicle, she began to kick the officer several times in the leg. Abraham was again restrained on the ground until she was placed in leg shackles.

Abraham continued to cry and scream after being placed in the back of a patrol car. Police had to further restrain her when she began kicking the inside door panels of the patrol car.

After speaking to the man and several witnesses, officers discovered that the man was Abraham’s boyfriend what stated that he and Abraham had an argument and he attempted to leave by getting on a bus. Abraham would not let him get on the bus to leave and continued to pull on him and scratch him on the back. He also stated he then tried to leave with one of the witnesses at which time Abraham began hitting him.

Abraham was arrested and charged with domestic battery, battery on an officer, and resisting arrest with violence.

Abraham was previously arrested for domestic aggravated battery with a deadly weapon back in May but charges were later dropped.

She is currently being held at the Lake County Jail in lieu of a $8,000 bond.