Wildwood Father’s Day Event Ends with Mayhem, Trampling, and Wanted Suspects


WILDWOOD, Fla.¬†— A Father’s Day event in Wildwood ended early after several attendees began fighting causing mayhem and bystanders to be trampled on according to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies were on duty working special detail for the event located on County Road 235 when the incident occurred.

According to a press release, multiple altercations occurred that caused attendees to run in all directions. During the chaos, people were running over tents and tables as well as pushing others down and trampling over them to get out of the way.


Several event-goers were injured during the mayhem including two small children who were burned with hot cooking oil when other attendees knocked over a cooking pot during the incident.

During their investigation deputies were able to obtain video footage taken from an attendee showing one of the altercations.

In the video, several people immediately engage in a physical altercation causing numerous, bystanders to run from the area. One of the suspects in the footage, a black female wearing a multi-colored striped outfit with a pink fanny pack is seen reaching into her pack and removing what appears to be a firearm and pointing it at the other individuals at which time she was just a few feet away from a small child.

“We are especially¬†concerned that this firearm was displayed so recklessly in the presence of so many people especially within 10 yards of a child,” the statement said.

Detectives are asking anyone that may be able to identify anyone in the video to please contact Detective Hector Otero at (352) 793-2621 or they can submit an anonymous tip through the Central Florida Crimeline by calling 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).