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Walls Being Raised Today for New Twistee Treat in Homosassa

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CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. — Today is the day that the walls are being raised for the new Twistee Treat that is going up in Homosassa.

The walls are being moved, lifted, and secured. Pipes are being cut to install water lines for the building. A lot of progress is being made on the soon to be Twistee Treat.

The word has been out that there will be a new Twistee Treat in our county. This will be the first ice cream shaped building in Citrus County. The new location will be in the Winn-Dixie plaza off of U.S. 19. and Homosassa Trail.

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According to their website, this iconic building has been around since 1983. It stand 25′ tall with its fiberglass cone.

Twistee Treat offers homemade ice cream that is served in cones, cups, shakes, and much more. There are many toppings and over 20 variety’s of home made ice cream.

Twisteetreats.com states “Our philosophy put simply is to hand out smiles.” With this philosophy and the variety of ice creams that they serve, it is sure to be successful in Homosassa.

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The information is still new and has not been posted on their website about the new location. This include any jobs that will be available for this location. To apply for positions keep checking for the new location to be available at twisteejobs.com.

Roof sections

Roof section of the iconic cone

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Outer wall section with window

View of construction site from U.S. 19

Worker cutting pipe

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