Villager Pleads Not Guilty to Charges of Threatening to Kill Deputies and Family Members

53-year-old Brian Anderson pleaded not guilty to charges of writing threats on Facebook to have deputies and family members killed.

BUSHNELL, Fla. — A resident from The Villages pleaded not guilty on June 25 to charges of threatening to have Sumter County deputies killed on a Facebook post according to court records.

The incidents originally began during the Villager’s arrest in April by Sumter County Deputies.

Deputies responded to a home on Culpepper Way in The Villages on April 13 at approximately 5:45 p.m. after receiving a call stating the victim was pepper sprayed.


Deputies arrived and spoke with the victims who were related to the suspect, 53-year-old Brian Anderson. The victims told deputies that there had been an argument and Anderson pepper sprayed them.

When deputies attempted to speak to Anderson, he was reportedly holding a can of bug spray and would not comply with deputies when asked to put down the bug spray and come out of the house.

Anderson then tried to shut the door and when one deputy prevented him from shutting the door, Anderson allegedly sprayed all four deputies in the face with the bug spray according to the arrest report.

Anderson then began to resist the deputies as they attempted to detain him.

That day, Anderson was charged with two counts of battery, resisting an officer with violence, and four counts of battery on an officer. Due to the Anderson being related and living with his victim’s, the arresting deputy recommended that Anderson is held without bond.

Despite the deputies recommendations, Anderson was released after paying a $27,000 bond.

Court records also show that the four charges for battery on a law enforcement officer were dropped for an unknown reason.

Assistant State Attorney Dan Gereghty was not in his office or available for questioning about the bond and the dropped charges when Central Florida Wire called.

Shortly after his release, Anderson posted on photos on his Facebook page showing scratches and marks he allegedly received while resisting arrest followed by a comment where he stated, “I could just pay a Bounty Hunter $500 each to have those pigs that beat me with a billy bat, punched, kicked, and tasered killed. $2500 total may be worth it.”

Several days later, Anderson also threatened his relatives in another Facebook post stating, “I may just have to pay a bounty hunter who is in the area to have them taken out! Draw a target on your forehead and watch out for arrows. My guy is under the radar and is a marksman. He’ll do it for 3 for $1500.”

Anderson was then arrested for a second time on June 18 and charged with two counts of writing threats to kill or harm a person.

He was then transported to the Sumter County Jail where is currently being held without bond

Anderson’s attorney, Daniel Snow, a public defender, filed Anderson’s plea on June 25 stating that Anderson is pleading not guilty to the charges and demands a jury trial.

A trial date has not yet been set.