Uhaul Truck Stolen from Local Store with Over $50k in Merchandise

uahul truck stolen from leesburg store

LEESBURG – A 26-foot Uhaul moving truck was stolen from a local store located on 441 according to the store owner.

The owner arrived at his store this morning to find a truck missing from his lot that was loaded with an estimated $50,000 worth of merchandise from an estate sale, according to reports.

The report stated that employees had loaded the truck and brought it back to the store around 6:30 pm Saturday night after the store had closed. Since employees do not have access to the store, the keys were left in an overnight lockbox.


A church behind the store was able to provide Leesburg Police with a surveillance video that shows two suspects walking onto the property using what appeared to be flashlights at 9:20 pm Saturday night. The two subjects made their way directly to the lockbox which they forced open to retrieve the keys. They then headed directly toward the truck and drove away leaving the headlights off until they had left the property.

Some items on the truck included couches, dining and bedroom sets, china cabinets, housewares, and other miscellaneous household items.

Police believe the circumstances surrounding the incident are suspicious and may be someone who had knowledge of the merchandise on the truck.

The truck was a standard 26-foot Uhaul moving the truck with Uhaul number JH1875D similar to the one pictured above. The Uhaul number can be seen on the front and rear corners of the truck in black lettering.

Police are asking that anyone with information on the whereabouts of the truck, merchandise, or the suspects responsible, to call 911. They also stated that if you see the truck, do not approach it and call 911 immediately.