Treat Ideas for a Sugar Free Halloween

Halloween Pumpkin

OCALA — When trick-or-treating look for houses that display teal pumpkins in their yard or porch. This special colored pumpkin means this house contains treats that are for kids with food allergies.

If handing out treats for Halloween, consider some sugar-free alternatives. Such items include coloring books, bottles of water, sugar free candies with the packaging, play-doh, and other small toys; however, you are not limited to these items.

The non-candy treats could make your home the fun house, or it could make your home less popular. Handing out toys, fruits, mini bottled water or other goodies will make treat-or-treating safe for kids with allergies or sensitivities, and create an easier evening for the parents.


Some kids may find a toy car more acceptable to candy just because they get longer use out of it.

If in a close-knit neighborhood, some homemade treats may be acceptable to hand out. These treats can include bags of popcorn or goldfish, sugar free cookies, fruits such as apples or raisin, or even something as simple as a bag of veggie chips.

The next time you plan for Halloween, don’t forget to include the many kids with allergies.