Man Arrested After Assaulting Couple with Toy Gun

man arrested for assaulting couple with toy gun.

LEESBURG – A Leesburg man was arrested on New Year’s Eve after assaulting a couple with a toy gun according to arrest reports.

Leesburg Police officers responded to a home on Sumter Street on New Year’s Eve just before 8:00 pm after receiving a 911 call in reference to a battery.

According to the report, the victim and his aunt were walking their dog when a woman and several other people emerged from a home on Sumter Street yelling at the victim’s aunt accusing her of letting her dog defecate on their property.


The victim attempted to intervene and was reportedly “sucker punched” by one of the men that come out of the home. That man was later identified as 20-year-old Christopher Lee Sesler.

After being punched, the victim stated that Sesler reached for his waistband and flashed what appeared to be a gun while yelling “I got something for you. I got some hot lead to put up in you”.

The victim and his aunt, in fear for their life, escaped and went back to their home to contact police.

Upon arrival, officers found Sesler hiding behind a bush focusing on the victim’s home along with two other men. The three men took off and hid in a laundry room once they noticed officers arrive.

Officers issued several commands for the men to come out of the laundry room with their hands up. Two men came out while Sesler refused.

The men along with two other women who came out of the house yelled vulgar and racial slurs to the officers during the incident.

At one point, Sesler came out of the laundry room, however, continued to ignore officers’ commands to get down on the ground, even after the threat of releasing a K9 officer.

Sesler was finally detained after officers released the K9 Officer. Sesler suffered injuries to his forearm, leg, and thigh after being bitten by K9 Officer Banner.

During the arrest, officers located a silver toy gun in the laundry room where Sesler hid.

Sesler was given medical treatment for the dog bites and then transported to the Lake County Jail.

He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, simple battery, and resisting arrest.

Sesler remains at the Lake County Jail in lieu of a $4,000 bond.