/Today Not Tomorrow (TNT) at Living Waters UPC in Inverness

Today Not Tomorrow (TNT) at Living Waters UPC in Inverness

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. — Today Not Tomorrow is a healing and deliverance service that will be taking place at Living Waters UPC in Inverness.

It is a three-day event that starts on the evening of September 21st followed by the 22nd at 7:30 pm. Ending on Sunday morning service that starts at 10 am.

This is a monthly service that started last month. Last months service was hosted by Pastor Johnson at the SonCoast Pentecostal church on 7723 Maryland Ave in Hudson, Florida. It was held on the 24th of August.

Pastor Johnson announced after the first night’s service 14 people testified and reported healing’s, deliverance’s, or a renewal in their life and a woman got baptized and rejoiced in the opportunity to start a new life. All this was reported and witnessed after just the kick off service. That was just the beginning.

TNT will be held monthly hosted by different churches each time. This month’s service is hosted by Pastor McGee at Church Living Waters UPC in Inverness.

Members of the congregation are looking forward to welcoming visitors and preparing for a mighty movement from God. They have been preparing by handing out flyers and spreading the news by mouth and social media.

Doors have been knocked on, and prayers continue to help reach the people of Citrus County.

“This is not just a regular service. This is the beginning of a movement to spread the words, healings, and teachings of Jesus,” Pastor McGee said enthusiastically.  “Come expecting the miraculous!”

Come to partake and witness the start of something that is sure to gain momentum and excitement.



My name is Nicole Poyner. I live in Citrus County Florida and love it. I am defined by three things in my life. First, my church Living Waters UPC in Inverness. Secondly, I get the honor of being a mother to my daughter. Last, but definitely not least, I am a wife to a wonderful husband. God, mother, and wife. That is what defines me and gives me purpose. Things are not always perfect, but with these three things they are always worth it.