Time to Represent the People


To all concerned,

I recently purchased a home in the Village of Fenney. I am so disheartened to learn that Officials “representing” Sumter County refuse to visit or address an anti-tethering ordinance for dogs in Sumter.

Their response:  “This issue previously was presented to the Board and there was no interest by the Board in pursuing a change to the ordinance.”


EVERY dog deserves a life free of a chain. EVERY dog owner needs to know their pet will not be killed if it slips out of the house and is brought to the Sumter County shelter. Why don’t you work WITH the people you represent instead of AGAINST them??? All we want is for our pets to be treated with kindness and compassion. This is not a big ask.

We need some serious changes to take place. Those of you in office have the power to implement positive change. Why don’t you???

– MJ Higgins