Threatening Letter, Powdery Substance Delivered to Groveland Elememtary

Groveland Police and fire rescue responded on Thursday to a call from Groveland Elementary School.

GROVELAND — Police, firefighters, and members of the Lake County hazmat team were dispatched to Groveland Elementary Thursday afternoon after faculty members discovered an envelope that had been delivered contained a threatening letter and a “white, powdery substance”.

The incident occurred shortly after most of the children had gone home for the day, according to a statement released by the City of Groveland.

Although most of the kids had already gone home, some students were still at the school attending after-school care during the time of the incident, however, were reportedly in a separate building and did not come into contact with the envelope.


Groveland Police, Lake County Hazmat, and firefighters from Groveland, Minneola, and Lake County quarantined the building along with three school employees while running tests on the powdery substance.

After preliminary tests showed the substance what not a threat, officials cleared the school employees and children were permitted to leave.

“Preliminary tests came back negative for any biological threat,” stated Groveland Police Chief Shawn Ramsey.

The contents of the unsigned threatening note have not been released by officials and no suspect has been identified at this time.

According to the statement, the envelope, note, and powdery substance will be forwarded to the federal authorities who will take over the investigation.

Anyone with information about the delivery or the suspect is asked to contact their local law enforcement.