Thieves Make Off with Large Knife Collection During Home Robbery


LADY LAKE – A Lady Lake woman is looking for help in finding the person or persons involved in a home burglary in which the thieves made off with a large collection of pocket knives according to a Facebook post.

Facebook user Beth Prevedel posted in a local word-of-mouth Facebook group in Leesburg, Florida asking for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the thieves involved to contact Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

According to Prevedel, the thieves broke into her home sometime between Saturday and Sunday as well as a neighbor’s home and a local cell tower facility.


Prevedel stated the thieves stole a collection of pocket knives that she had been collecting over the last fifty years among other items in the home.

Considering the number of knives stolen, it is believed that the thieves may possibly attempt to sell the knives online.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of the stolen knives or the suspects responsible for the theft is asked to contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at (352) 343-2101.

Below are photos of a small portion of the knife collection.