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Manhunt Continues for Man Charged with the Death of Local Biker

Jose Omar Azua is believed to have been last seen in the area of Crescent City, Florida and is wanted for failing to appear in court on vehicular manslaughter charges in Lake County.

Man Charged with Manslaughter in 2016 Crash Wanted After Skipping Trial...

An arrest warrant was issued for a man charged with the homicide of a local Leesburg woman after he failed to appear at his trial hearing Wednesday morning.

Azua Trial Scheduled to Begin in February

TAVARES - Jose Omar Azua, the man responsible for the death of local biker Lori Dudley in August, will finally go to trial to face...

Driver Charged with the Death of Lori Dudley Scheduled for Sentencing

LEESBURG - Jose Omar Azua, the man who is being charged with vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident involving a death is...

Court Hearing Continued in the Case of Motorcycle Accident Victim

TAVARES - Jose Omar Azua was scheduled to appear in court Monday morning for arraignment on manslaughter charges after an accident that resulted in the...

Bikers Join to Support Family of Motorcycle Hit-and-Run Victim

LEESBURG - Riders from all over joined together at Gator Harley-Davidson Saturday afternoon to show their support and stories of a fellow motorcycle rider, Lori Dudley. Dudley...

Hit-and-Run Suspect Possibly Intoxicated When Incident Occurred

LEESBURG - The suspect who was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident involving a death was possibly intoxicated at the time of the...

Leesburg Motorcycle Hit-and-Run Suspect Arrested

LEESBURG - The suspect who fled the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident was arrested according to Leesburg Police. Jose Omar Azua, 33, turned himself in...

Leesburg Motorcycle Accident Victim Dies From Injuries

LEESBURG - A Leesburg woman who was involved in a motorcycle accident in front of the Bealls on US 27 Saturday night passed away as a...
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