Fun and Festivities are Afoot at the Sumter County Fair


BUSHNELL –The Ferris wheel is up, the food is cooked, the games are ready, and the residents are flocking from all over Sumter County to join in on the fun and games at the Sumter County Fairgrounds until March 11th.

Kids and adults walked around with cotton candy, turkey legs, and elephant ears as they ran from game to game or ride to ride during the opening of the Sumter County Fair on March 3rd.

The annual event brings many activities and games for those of all ages to enjoy. Some of those activities include helicopter rides, beauty pageants, sheep show, talent show, live entertainment, and more not including the normal rides like the Yoyo and the Zipper or the midway games.


The fair will be open until March 11 offering different events and promotions each day such as Appreciation Day on Tuesday giving all guests free admission onto the grounds.

A full schedule of their events, promotions, and pricing can be found on their website.

For more information on the Sumter County Fair or its events or pricing, visit or call (352)569-6851.