Sumter County Deputy Arrested


BUSHNELL, Fla – A Sumter County deputy has been arrested on charges of grand theft and violation of the pawnbroker’s act.

Deputy William Rappleya was arrested October 23 following complaints that he had borrowed and subsequently pawned firearms loaned to him by an acquaintance.

The complaints were originally lodged against Rappleya by a woman who claims to have known Rappleya for several years. The complaint states the woman had loaned Rappleya six firearms to help with a concealed weapons class he was teaching. A week prior to lodging the complaint, the woman says she confronted Rappleya about the weapons, which had never been returned to her. He then informed her the weapons had been pawned.


Detectives investigated the woman’s complaint and discovered that Rappleya had, in fact, pawned the two firearms the woman had reported. These firearms were described as a Sig Sauer model 2022 firearm and a Rock Island .45 caliber firearm.

The investigation continues into what happened to the other four firearms the woman loaned out to Rappleya.

At this time, William Rappleya has been charged with two felony counts of grand theft of a firearm and two misdemeanor counts of violation of the pawnbroker’s act. He was given a $6,000 bond and was transported to the Sumter County Detention Center without incident.

Deputy Rappleya has been employed with the department since 2006. He was most recently assigned to the Community Outreach Division.

As of 8 a.m October 24 2017, William Rappleya has resigned his position with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department.