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Summerfield Man Arrested after Twelve Commercial Robberies

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MARION COUNTY, Florida  – A 19-year-old Summerfield man is under arrest after admitting to robbing twelve local businesses in the overnight hours of Thursday and Friday, August 18th and 19th. Video surveillance from one of the businesses showed a white male suspect inside the business rummaging through the cash drawer and behind the desk. Property Crimes detectives were able to identify the suspect as 19-year-old Robert Winters of Summerfield. Detectives searched through the night to locate Winters and arrested him at a residence in Summerfield without incident.

During the follow-up interview detectives were able to charge Winters with all 10 commercial burglaries as well as two
additional burglaries he acknowledged committing. Winters told detective he had committed the burglaries looking for money or items to sell or trade because of his drug problem. Winters advised detectives while on his crime spree he would even take breaks during these burglaries to use drugs.

The robberies reportedly took place  at the Martin Oaks Plazas located at 15580 South Hwy 441, and Liberty Plaza located 8145 SE 151st Lane Road in Summerfield

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Winters is being held at the Marion County Jail, on twenty-one charges including  commercial burglary, burglary of a structure, burglary of a residence, grand theft, and petit theft. He is currently  being held on $78,500 bond.
Detectives are asking anyone with  further information about these burglaries to  call Detective Burleson at 352-732-9111.

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