Shooting Ends After 3 Hour Standoff at an Orlando RaceTrac

RaceTrac on Semoran Blvd Where the shooting occurred at approximately 10 pm Monday night. In Orlando, FL

ORLANDO, FL – Two men have been arrested after a shooting that occurred at a RaceTrac gas station on Semoran Boulevard.

The incident happened just before 10 pm Monday night. At lease one person was shot and later taken to the hospital with non-fatal injuries.

Police state that after the shooting, both men fled the scene to an apartment complex on Commander Drive. Officers later caught up with them after evacuating residents and enduring a 3 hour stand off with the two men.


According to police, the man believed to be the shooter, is a known gang member.

After searching the apartment, police recovered a gun, possibly the one involved in the shooting.

Officers allowed residents to return to their homes around 1 am this morning.

The identity of the two men has not been released.