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Reports of Attempted Child Abduction Deemed Unfounded

LEESBURG, Fla – Reports of a possible attempted child abduction at Carver Middle School circulated Tuesday October 16 and have now been deemed “unfounded”, local law enforcement officials say.

An eleven year old girl reported a man in a black Ford pick up truck approaching her at the walker’s gate of the school. The girl told her parents and police the man tried to get her into his vehicle but sped off when she pulled out her cell phone.

The individual in question was alerted to the situation by media reports and immediately turned himself into police to discuss the situation. Information he provided coincided with surveillance video captured by the school. The man has no prior criminal convictions and is the parent of students also attending Carver Middle School.

While this incident has turned out to be nothing more than a concerned parent who saw an upset child on the sidewalk and attempted to help, police still praise the girl’s actions in response to being approached by a stranger. Students at Carver Middle have been taught run away and tell a parent or teacher when in situations like the one that occurred October 16.

Regardless of this positive outcome, law enforcement will continue a heightened level of presence around all schools in the area in the coming days.