Police Search for Man Who Assaulted Mall Worker with Knife


OCALA, Fla. — Officers from the Ocala Police Department are searching for a suspect who they say attacked the owner of Double T, a store located in the Paddock Mall on Highway 200.

According to the department’s post on Facebook, the suspect, along with several others, entered the store and attempted to return an item that was reportedly not in its original condition. When the store owner refused to accept the return, the owner and the suspects began to argue which escalated when the male suspect reportedly attacked the owner with a knife.

The owner told officers the suspect attacked him after he told them to leave the store.


According to the owner, the suspect hit him in the face and pulled a knife and threatened to stab the owner and his wife.

The store owner was able to fight off the suspect using a clothing rack before the suspect and his companions left the store, the post stated.

Video surveillance footage was posted on the Ocala Police Department’s Facebook page showing the suspects engaging in a verbal argument with the what is reported to be the owner off-camera.

Ocala detectives are asking anyone with information on the identity of the suspects in the video to contact Detective Hurst at (352) 369-7189.