Marion County Parents Upset After Not Being Notified of School Bus Incident

school bus

OCALA – Some parents were upset when they learned that their children were involved in a traffic incident while riding their school bus and were not notified immediately by school personnel.

According to a post on Facebook, Marion Oaks Elementary School students riding bus number 3117 got on the bus Friday morning and were involved in an incident where the bus drove off of the road running over several political signs and a street sign.

Parents commented on the post expressing their anger toward the school personnel for not notifying parents of the incident.


According to one parent, the driver of the bus was in training and missed their turn. The driver then slammed on the brakes causing the bus to swerve into the grassy shoulder taking out several signs and also causing children to slide forward in their seats that resulted in some bloody noses, busted lips, headaches, and other pain.

Parents are stating that they were not informed of the incident and that children were taken to school and were not given the opportunity to contact their parents themselves.

It was not until three hours after the incident occurred that parents began receiving calls from the school clinic stating their child was in the clinic.

One parent contacted the Marion County School’s Transportation Department and was told that no accident occurred since no other vehicle was involved.

One parent posted, “Called and asked for documentation of his assessment…then called transportation and asked for a copy of the incident…she was being real nasty talking about there was no accident it was only the bus….I told her I needed a copy of the incident…she hung up on me and will not answer…my son was not assessed until 5 hours later and I wasn’t notified …I had to call to find out.”

We were unable to reach anyone at the Transportation Department or the School to get a comment on the situation.

More information will be provided as soon as it is available. Check back here soon for updates.