By | September 29, 2017
Ocala Police officers and members of the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team raided an Ocala Internet Cafe resulting in three arrests and the seizure of several gaming machines and over $5,000 in cash.

OCALA, Fla. – A team of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers dubbed The Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team executed a search warrant on an internet cafe located in Ocala Thursday resulting in three arrests according to the Ocala Police Department.

Agents showed up at the Red Dragon Internet Cafe on Silver Springs Boulevard to execute a search warrant as part of a “more broad commitment by the [Ocala] Chief of Police to identify and shut down illegal gambling operations in the City of Ocala.”

According to a post on Facebook, agents allege the business was conducting illegal gambling operations after discovering table-top style gaming machines, several computers, miscellaneous ledgers, documents, and receipts and over $5,000 in cash.

During their search, agents learned two of the fifteen occupants in the building at the time had outstanding warrants, one of which belonging to 60-year-old Patricia Brown who was the manager of the internet cafe.

Another occupant was also charged with possession of cocaine.

Officers stated the search was executed successfully and peacefully and that all occupants were calm and cooperative during interviews.

According to police, the team has been responsible for shutting down six other internet cafes in the past four months. In most cases, arrests were made on other unrelated charges.

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