Ocala Police Chief Accused of Sexual Harassment by Female Officers

Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham

A formal grievance was filed on Thursday against  Ocala Chief of Police Kenneth Gregory Graham of behalf of three female OPD officers.

The grievance, filed by the Law Office of Bobi J. Frank, PA states that the three female officers suffered unwelcome sexual advances and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature from Chief Graham. The grievance also alleges abuse of power toward both male and female officers who did not follow Chief Graham’s ideologies, and the protection of other officers who abused their power.

The complaint included allegations from a number of witnesses and alleged victims, stating that Chief Graham had repeatedly engaged in conversations of a sexual nature, both on and off duty. Alleged incidents reported in the grievance included

  • Repeated unprofessional comments of a sexual nature against an openly gay female officer,  including  remarks about the  attractiveness of women she dated, concern that she may make advances to his wife or daughter, and the suggestion that they share a bathroom stall and that the female officer would use the urinal. The officer also alleged that the Chief had grabbed her phone on several occasions and made inappropriate remarks to her dates.
  • Repeated inappropriate behavior at professional social gatherings that included asking women to compare their breasts, playing a game called “Never Have I Ever” in which questions are asked of a sexual nature to female officers, and at one such gathering forcing a female officer’s head into his lap.
  • Harassing female officers in an attempt to get their private cell phone numbers.  The grievance states that phone records will prove that the Chief harassed several women via cell phone.


In addition, the grievance alleges that Chief Graham allowed a black officer with a 9-year spotless record to be harassed and bullied by other officers because he is black, and that the Chief allowed a number of  other officers to interfere in investigations in an unprofessional manner during several domestic violence calls.

Chief Graham reportedly denied all the allegations in an email to the Ocala Post, saying that his attorney would be handling any further response. City of Ocala Mayor Kent Quinn said that an investigation into the allegations has been launched.  Graham  remains on active duty during the investigation.