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Ocala Man Dies After Leaping from Moving Truck

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A friendly fishing trip  ended tragically for an  Ocala man after witnesses say he died after jumping  from a moving vehicle on the way home.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office officials say the incident occurred  just before midnight on Saturday, when three co-workers drove to  to Volusia County for a day of fishing and decided to get a group tattoo. One of the men chose a more complicated design than the other two, and as a result his tattoo was expected to take an additional three hours to finish. According to witnesses the two men who had completed tattoos told the third man that they did not want to wait any longer and that they were leaving, saying he could  go with them or stay behind to have it finished.  The victim reportedly became upset but did leave with the other two.

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The men said the victim became increasingly angry on the way home, that while driving through Pierson , the man reportedly opened the door of the pickup truck and jumped out.  The driver said that the vehicle was traveling at about 40 mph at the time the victim jumped out, and the two stopped the vehicle and began searching for the him.  When they could not locate him after 30 minutes of searching,  they called the Sheriff’s Office. A VCSO helicopter was dispatched, but did not locate the victim  until Sunday morning, when they discovered his  body on the shoulder of S.R. 40 near Bert Royal Road.

Officials have not released the name of the victim pending notification of family members, and positive ID has not been released, although officials did say the man’s clothing did match the description of that worn by the man who jumped from the moving vehicle.

The investigation is ongoing, and updates will be posted as they are received.  Please check back for the latest information.

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