How to Combat the Dreaded Winter Itch

January 19, 2017

We live in Central Florida and enjoy mild winters while the rest of the country is blanketed in snow and cold temperatures. On occasion, one of those pesky freezing cold air mass will creep down to us lowering our temperatures, causing us to turn on the heat. What does this mean for us? Dry skin. Or more commonly known, the winter itch. The lower humidity, dry, cold air and windy…


20 Foods to Ease Joint Pain

November 9, 2016

Achy and stiff joints? You may be one of the 20% of Americans with arthritis (if you haven’t already been diagnosed). Dealing with arthritis on a daily basis can be a real drag. Medicines don’t always seem to work. Stretching and exercising seem daunting. But in addition to those two methods of management, you may want to make adjustments to your diet. Studies show that removing saturated fats, trans fats,…


Yogurt Frenzy is Coming to Bushnell

October 12, 2016

A healthy new dessert stop is coming to Bushnell! Yogurt Frenzy, a soon-to-be frozen yogurt shoppe, is closing in on its grand opening. To find out more about what’s up with this frozen yogurt craze coming our way, I interviewed Rebecca Lloyd, who is soon to be managing the business. Where did the idea for Yogurt Frenzy come from? And how are you getting started? We sought out to find…


Steps for Families to Raise Healthy Kids

September 14, 2016

As of 2010, 12.5 million  US adolescents (16.9%) are overweight or obese. Alongside those statistics has been the rise of families and doctors putting kids on commercial diets to prevent and manage overweight. Recently released research from the American Academy of Pediatrics is strongly urging the opposite. The research shows that dieting adolescents are up to three times more likely to become overweight and one and a half times more likely…


Matter of Balance Prevents Falls and Saves Seniors’ Lives

August 5, 2016

One of the chief fears of senior adults (besides losing their bets on bingo) is falling. Two and a half million American seniors are treated in emergency care each year due to a fall. A number of major injuries occur as a result of a fall, including bone fractures, loss of blood circulation (due to limb entrapment), and severe brain injury. The CDC reports that 250,000 seniors per year are…


Lack of Sleep, How It Affects Your Health, and How to Get More of It

July 6, 2016

“I’m so tired.” How many times each day do you catch yourself mumbling those words? If you’re like 48% of American adults, your tiredness is caused by a seemingly simple problem – not getting enough sleep at night. But it’s “just” a little lack of sleep! No big deal, right? Actually, missing those ZZZs may be having more of an effect on you than you think. It’s obvious that sleepiness disturbs your…