City of Eustis Offers Surplus Properties in “Mow-to-Own” Program

mow to own

EUSTIS – In an attempt to reduce the number of city-owned properties, the City of Eustis is once again offering land parcels to anyone interested. No need to break the bank or get a loan. All you need is a lawn mower and maybe a rake.

The city first launched its “Mow-to-Own” program in October 2016 which was a success. In the short months since the program was initially launched, 21 properties were successfully taken over by various residents and non-profit organizations by simply agreeing to maintain the property for a two-year period and three other properties were sold using a cash bid.

City officials announced on Tuesday that there are still 14 properties available of which 9 of them qualify for the “Mow-to-Own” program and the remaining larger lots are available with cash bids.


The requirements to qualify for the program are very reasonable, making it easy for almost anyone to apply and are therefore being given on a first come, first served basis.

To qualify, applicants must submit an application with their information and a $100 non-refundable fee. Other requirements require that applicants may not have any delinquent utility bills, nuisance violations, building and zoning violations, or unpaid property taxes within the last two years.

As payment for the property, the chosen applicant must maintain the property for a two-year period by mowing, raking, removing fallen trees or branches, and keeping up with regular city ordinances. After the two-year period, the City of Eustis will award full ownership of the property.

“We are very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to developing a future home here and will care for it wholeheartedly,” said Ian Grace, a “mow-to-own” applicant. “My wife and I are happy to have this great program and hope it benefits the City of Eustis greatly.”

A map showing the properties available can be found on the City of Eustis website HERE. Applications and requirements are also found on their website HERE.

Anyone interested in the program must submit a completed application along with bid sheet and a $100 fee to the Development Services Department located in City Hall at 4 N. Grove Street.