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Mount Dora Man Arrested for Recording Children in Neighbor’s Home with Hidden Cameras

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MOUNT DORA – A Mount Dora man is facing  more than 25 charges after detectives discovered he was filming a neighbor’s children using hidden cameras  in two miniature jukeboxes he had delivered to the home.

54-year-old Robert Anthony O’Hare had been arrested last October by Lake County Sheriff’s deputies on child pornography charges and was free on $131,000 bond at the time of the incident.

During that investigation, forensic examinations of seized items turned up the hidden cameras in the jukeboxes.  Detectives discovered that O’Hare was using the cameras to  remotely record the children in the home.

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Detectives also found videos shot with a telescopic lens in O’Hare’s closet, showing the same juvenile female in the home in various states of undress.  Those videos had reportedly been shot through the victim’s bedroom window. Authorities also discovered hundreds of downloaded pornographic videos showing children in sexual acts with adults.

O’Hare was arrested Wednesday and charged with 26 counts of video voyeurism and 25 counts of sexual performance by a child. He is currently being held on $225,000 bond.

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