Motel Owner Arrested After Pushing 3 Year Old

Amruta Nathubhai Patel
Amruta Nathubhai Patel, pictured above.

EUSTIS – Eustis Police responded to a call at the Colonial Inn Motel on Bay Street in Eustis, Florida yesterday evening. Upon arrival, a woman and several other witnesses stated that the Motel owner, Amruta Nathubhai Patel, had pushed the woman’s 3-year-old grand-daughter out of his way while the child was playing on the sidewalk.

The incident started when Patel was making rounds collecting rent from Motel residents. After a dispute with the child’s grand-mother over the rent, Patel was heading back to the Motel office on a sidewalk on which the child was playing. It is then, that the grand-mother and several witnesses report that Patel intentionally pushed the child out of his way.

Paramedics checked the child, however, found no visible marks or injuries.


Patel was then arrested and charged with felony battery and transported to the Lake County Detention Center and held on a $2,000 bond. Patel was released at 1 am this morning after posting bond. He is scheduled to appear before a judge on August 10, 2015.