Morris Claims Vehicle Used in Shooting was Stolen Weeks Ago

Woman struck by vehicle wildwood

LEESBURG – Many people are asking questions about the connection between a missing Lady Lake woman and a vehicle that was used in a fatal shooting at the Leesburg WalMart. Dawn Marie Morris was reported missing earlier this month by her parents Robert and Sandra Klemczak from The Villages.

According to police reports, Morris’s father filed a missing person report on September 4th after his daughter had taken the keys to his car, a red 2011 Toyota Camry without their permission. In the report, Klemczak stated that Morris took the keys and left with their vehicle around 11 pm on September 2nd. After family members made numerous unsuccessful attempts to reach Morris by phone, they reported her missing on the 4th.

Klemczak told Sumter County Deputies that Morris had a history of drug use and was homeless. She was living with her parents for the past three weeks without issues and was supposed to start a new job at Toojay’s restaurant. He also told police that she did not have permission to take the vehicle. Later that day, Klemczak received a text message from Morris stating that the vehicle had been stolen.


According to the statement, Morris claimed that she was in Leesburg and had advertised massage services on and was responding to a possible client’s home when the vehicle was stolen. In the text message, she told her father that she would call him back within an hour to tell him where to pick her up. Klemczak did not hear back from his daughter after that text message.

Morris was found several days later in Boynton Beach where Klemczak says Morris used to reside. Boynton Beach Police officers found Morris asleep in a parking lot and stated that Morris had been on a “drug binge”. According to reports, Morris admitted to Boynton Beach Police that she had been smoking “crack cocaine”.

BBPD contacted Sumter County Deputies to inform them that they had located Morris, however, did not have anything to charge her with and had to release her.

It is still unclear as to if Morris ever made it back to her parents or to the Lake County area. Attempts to contact Morris and her family members for comment were unsuccessful.

In one report, Klemczak stated he attempted to file a report for the vehicle being stolen on September 4th when he received the text message from Morris, however, he was told that it was a “civil matter” and a report could not be filed until they verified the details with Morris.

The stolen vehicle report was not filed until Lake County Deputies arrived at Klemczak’s home during their investigation of the WalMart shooting.

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Update: Stolen Vehicle Involved in WalMart Shooting Found Abandoned