Mayor Guinn Urges Agencies to Make a Stand Against Crime in Ocala


“In a concerted effort together with Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham as well as our Code Enforcement division, among other agencies, we will be implementing Broken Windows policing in Ocala… It’s time for us to make a stand against crime and take back our city,”  Mayor Kent Guinn said.

As was published by the Ocala Police Department, the Mayor made a statement in which he explains how policing methods which target minor offenses such as vandalism, public drinking and panhandling help create an atmosphere of lawful order, thereby preventing more serious crimes.

The editorial released by the Mayor also affirm that “The basic mission for which the police exist is to prevent crime and disorder. In other words, police should not be simply reacting to the crime but preventing it from happening in the first place.”


The Mayor and also heads the Ocala Police Department also said, “Do I think that if an immediate, proactive approach had been taken with the minor crime of graffiti (which is known to be the first sign of a location in decay), then the break-in would not have happened? Without hesitation, yes. Do I think that we need to adopt Broken Windows policing in Ocala? Without hesitation, yes. Some may say this would be targeting the homeless community. Not true. I’m talking about targeting behavior, no matter where it comes from.”



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