Marion County School Bus Driver Crashes Into Vehicle while Transporting Students

school bus

OCALA – A school bus carrying eleven students on board crashed into a Ford pickup truck at a stop light early Monday morning.

Bus driver Felecia Lewis stated to responding personnel that she was looking at something inside the bus. While doing so, she let her foot off the brake at the stop light on SE 31st Street causing the bus to roll forward into the back of a Ford pickup truck driven by Hallard Martin of Ocala.

Responding officer, Trooper Mark Baker of the Florida Highway Patrol stated in his report the FHP was able to clear the scene without delay with the assistance of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and the Marion County School Board.


The school bus driver is being charged with careless driving. No charges were filed against the driver of the second vehicle.

Students on board ranged from age 11 to age 14 were reportedly uninjured in the incident. No other injuries were reported.