Officials Looking for Man Who Allegedly Beat Dog in Parking Lot


FRUITLAND PARK, Fla. — A man was seen allegedly beating a gray pitbull in the backseat of a white jeep with what appeared to be a large piece of wood around 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning according to witnesses.

Brandy Trejo said that she was waiting for her manager to open the door at her work when she heard a piercing yelp from a dog at which time she turned and noticed the man beating the dog in the back of a white Jeep with no doors or windows.

Trejo stated that the jeep was parked in front of NY Deli in Fruitland Park at the time of the incident.


The unidentified man allegedly beat the dog until the dog went quiet and then drove off, Trejo stated.

According to Trejo, the man is described as a bald white man in his mid 30’s wearing red shorts and driving a white jeep with no roof or doors.

Trejo was on foot and was not able to follow the suspect or obtain the license plate number.

Leesburg Police and Animal Control officers are currently investigating the incident, however, do not have any suspects.



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