Man Charged with Killing Sandhill Crane Scheduled for Sentencing

Sandhill Crane hicks

TAVARES – A man who was charged for running over and killing a Sandhill Crane with his golf cart in Spanish Village is scheduled for sentencing according to court records.

84-year-old Marvin Hicks was charged with killing an endangered species after an investigation by Florida Fish and Wildlife in May earlier this year.

During the investigation, witnesses told investigators that Hicks was riding in a golf cart with another woman when he chased several of the Sandhill Cranes around in circles at Spanish Village in Leesburg and ran over one of the birds killing it.


Florida Fish and Wildlife officer, Jared Beard, stated in a report that when he was investigating the incident, Hicks approached him and said, “Hi, my name is Marvin, and I am the one who ran over the Sandhill Crane.”

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife, the Sandhill Crane is a federally protected endangered species in Florida making the incident a felony offense.

Hicks was originally scheduled for arraignment on Monday, however, according to court records, Hicks’s attorney, Hal Uhrig filed a motion to waive the arraignment and a request for a jury trial.

Hicks is now scheduled for a Pretrial Negotiation Conference on November 1st and for sentencing on November 7th at the Lake County Judicial Center.