Man Arrested for Aggravated Assaulted Claimed to be Working for Police

James McGlocklin, 41, claimed to be working for Leesburg Police when he was arrested for aggravated assault.

LEESBURG — A man arrested for aggravated assault and battery claimed he was working for the Leesburg Police Department when he allegedly chased woman with a baseball bat.

Officers were dispatched to the bike path near the 500-block of North 14th Street in Leesburg just after 10:30 p.m. Friday according to arrest reports.

One victim told officers that she was sitting on a lawn chair next to the bike path waiting for someone to come help her move some of her belongings when 41-year-old James McGlocklin approached her mumbling “something about her being a heroin addict”.


McGlocklin allegedly told the victim that he was hired to throw everyone out of the woods in the area.

The victim then told officers that McGlocklin picked up three containers that had her belongings and threw them across the bike trail before he “got in her face” and called her a “heroin junkie”.

McGlocklin then allegedly grabbed the victim by the arm and pushed her across the bike trail stating, “If you don’t get the [explicit] out of here, I’m going to bash your head in!” and then began to chase the victim while “singing the Green Mile”.

When questioned by officers, McGlocklin denied swinging a bat or pushing the victim and stated that he was hired by the “local 47” and was working for the Leesburg Police Department evicting all of the “junkies” out of the woods.

Police searched the area and found a bat near where McGlocklin was that matched the description given to them by the victim.

McGlocklin was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery. He was transported to the Lake County Jail where he remains in lieu of a $3,000 bond.