Letter to the Editor: Experience with Lincoln Plaza Dealership in Leesburg


I want to take the time to tell everyone about the amazing service from Lincoln Plaza Dealership in Leesburg, FL that our company, Quality Moving Services, received.

A little more than a month ago, we took 1 of our 2 business trucks to this dealership, which was a Ford Power Stroke Certified company, for a simple oil change. Unfortunately, they allowed a new employee to work on our truck, and he started it without oil, which they openly admitted. They kept the truck, did some tests on it, and said everything was fine and dandy. The service guy,

They kept the truck, did some tests on it, and said everything was fine and dandy. The service guy, Bobby, told us that if anything happens, let us know.


So we end up in Marianna FL two days later, and the entire motor blows. We have no option but to tow it and the trailer back under our expense. The dealership took it in and said we’ll get it fixed right away.

Okay, no problem, right? Wrong.

That’s our main business truck to do our JOB in and keep our business going. So, we bought another truck to keep the company running. The truck was supposed to take a week to repair. It ended up taking an entire month!!! After countless excuses and delays, they finally got it done a month later.

So, I kindly asked to speak with the owner. They put me in touch with a guy named Louie. Who We discussed explaining “hey, this put a big dent in our pockets”. We understand you fixed the problem, but it took you a month and this is one of our main trucks in the company. He said “okay, I understand, come up with a reasonable number and we’ll make things right.

So that’s what we did. We go back, sit down, and tell him what we think is fair, to which he says “Oh, well I’ll have to talk to the owner Joe Nollete”. So we say okay, that’s fine, just get back to us as soon as you can.

Well again, a week later, (still have never heard from the owner himself) Bobby, the service guy calls me and says “hey, Mr. Nollete said he’s not giving you guys any compensation, that fixing your motor was fair enough”, as if I was just Joe Blow not running a company that fed my kids with that truck, it would be okay. But at the end of the day, my main truck was out of service for a month, which led to us well over an ok amount out of pocket to keep our company running. And not to mention, a lot of lost wages you have cost us.

I think it’s beyond wrong that the owner himself won’t reach out to us and discuss these problems, that he has to have his service guy (not even the manager) call us and say “hey, boss man isn’t giving you a dime”. They aren’t even covering the towing bill. They are doing this because they know we can’t follow with a legal suit. We’re just a small, local, family owned company that is already fighting to stay afloat because of your mistake. So instead of our average oil change, we get stiffed with all these costs and headaches to keep our company running. So I just wanted to say thank you Mr. Nollete for reaching out and having great customer service. Thank you for doing this to me, my family, and my company.

Please feel free to share, comment, or like. We kept our mouth shut this entire time hoping you’d make things right. But there’s one thing I’ve learned, you definitely don’t do business like this. We are currently looking for legal representation for this situation, and or recommendations. Thanks for taking the time to read.

-Travis Long