Leesburg Rural King to Stay Open 24 Hours to Help Residents Prepare for Hurricane Matthew


LEESBURG – Rural King in Leesburg announced that it will extend its normal business hours to accommodate residents as they prepare for the effects from Hurricane Matthew.

According to a Rural King employee, the store will not close its doors until Friday night at 8:00 pm. A new shipment of water was just received around 7:00 pm and more generators are expected to arrive on a shipment around 2:00 am.

There is a limit of 9 gallons per person for water. 


Rural King also has a large quantity of flashlights and batteries by the front door. 

Stores around Lake County are quickly emptying their shelves of all necessities for hurricane preparedness. Rural King will continue to operate through the night to provide essentials such as tarps, batteries, tie-downs, generators, gas cans, and more.

Be sure to get there before their shelves are empty again.