Leesburg Residents Safe After Water Testing Mishap


LEESBURG, Fla. – Residents in the  Highland Lakes subdivision in Leesburg were startled after receiving an email from their Home Owner’s Association stating that city officials failed to complete routine monitoring of the drinking water at one city water facility.

The email, which was originally released by the City of Leesburg Public Works Department, notified residents of the affected area that the city inadvertently overlooked the samples that were to be pulled from the facility that manages the water for the Highland Lakes subdivision.

According to Derek Hudson, Public Information Officer for the City of Leesburg, the state requires that all water facilities be tested each quarter to ensure the safety of the water for residents.


Officials mistook samples taken from another facility as samples for the facility in question and therefore did not collect the samples during the time frame regulated by the state.

After noticing the error, samples were taken only a few days outside of the deadline. Although the samples tested well below the maximum limit for contaminants, the city was required to notify residents of the error.

“The notification is a matter of routine communication and is neighborhood-specific. In this case, the City was a few days past the regular time window for taking quarterly water samples,” Hudson stated in an email to Central Florida Wire. “As the notification indicates, there is nothing that needs to be done at this time since the water is safe. Also, the City has made some adjustments to ensure that water samples are pulled during the appropriate time intervals.”

Officials have assured residents that there is nothing that needs to be done at this time and that the water is safe to drink.

For more information, residents are asked to contact Al Purvis with the City of Leesburg Public Works Department at (352)728-9843.