Leesburg Police Increase Patrols in Response to Recent Shootings

police increase patrols in response to recent shootings

LEESBURG – After a couple of nights of shootings, Leesburg Police are increasing their patrols on the streets to “perform focus driven enforcement efforts” according to Lt. Joe Iozzi.

According to Iozzi, detectives are actively investigating the recent shootings that occurred Sunday night and Monday evening.

In Sunday night’s shooting, two victims were injured and transported to local trauma centers. The incident occurred on Stinson Street in Leesburg near Carver heights.


During Monday evening’s shooting, reports of gunshots were made by several 911 calls. Police found the scene of the shooting near Leesburg High School on U.S. Hwy 27. No injuries were reported during Monday’s shooting.

In both incidents, the suspects fled the scene before police arrived.

Leesburg’s focus driven detail resulted in officers seizing a handgun during a traffic stop late Monday night. Detectives are investigating the incident to determine if there is a connection to either of the shootings.

Police are asking anyone with information regarding either of the shootings or suspects involved to contact the Leesburg Police Department at (352)787-2121.