Leesburg, Mount Dora, and Bushnell Electric Crews Assist with Hurricane Florence Recovery in North Carolina


As potentially deadly Hurricane Florence was making its way towards the Carolinas, several Florida towns had help headed their way. Electric crews from Leesburg, Mount Dora, and Bushnell traveled and arrived September 13th, just ahead of the storm.

The crews were from nearly 20 of Florida’s municipal power utilities who responded to a mutual-aid request, according to Amy Zubaly, executive director of the Florida Electric Association.

An eight-man crew from Leesburg and a three-man crew from both Mount Dora and Bushnell wanted to help return the favor for the help they received after Hurricane Irma.


“At times like these public power is at its best because our mutual aid agreements assist other communities to restore energy quickly and safely,” Leesburg City Manager Al Minner said.

In past years, similar teams from the Florida power utilities have worked with recovery efforts after numerous natural disasters, including hurricanes Andrew, Katrina, Irene, Irma, Sandy, Hermine and Matthew.

The National Weather Service reported an estimated 20 inches of water had been dumped on the area.

Flooding from Florence is extensive and hampering the workers’ efforts to begin power restoration.

All 14 workers from Florida first helped restore electricity to the coastal city of Greenville, North Carolina before heading inland to areas hit hard by downed trees and historic flooding.

The crew plans to stay as long as needed.





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