Leesburg Accident Leaves Woman in Hospital and Man on the Run


LEESBURG – A woman is in the hospital and Leesburg Police officers are searching for a man on the run after being involved in an accident between a silver Saturn hatchback and a motorcycle at the traffic light on Plaza Entrance and US 441 at approximately 10 pm Saturday night.

Robin Pullins, a witness to the incident, stated she was southbound on US 441 when two motorcycles rode past her. “They were in the left lane, I was on the right,” recounted Pullins. “I remember seeing the silver car drive past me and get into the right lane and they did seem like they were in a hurry. I noticed the light had changed yellow.”

According to Pullins, it seemed that the driver of the Saturn expected the motorcycle to continue through the light. Instead, the motorcycle stopped at the traffic light and the Saturn collided with the rear of the motorcycle sending the female rider into the windshield of the Saturn and wedging the rear of the motorcycle into the front bumper.


The motorcycle and the Saturn both came to a stop about 150 feet from the traffic light with the motorcycle in an upright position, still wedged into the bumper of the vehicle.

An officer working the scene stated that the two occupants of the Saturn both fled on foot, however, one was detained when he returned to retrieve something out of the vehicle. The other occupant, described as a Hispanic male wearing a red shirt and a name tag, has not been found.

The woman riding the motorcycle was unconscious after hitting the windshield. A witness attempted CPR until EMS arrived.

The woman was transported to the Leesburg Regional Medical Center with head injuries. Her condition is still unknown.

Leesburg Police officials have not released the names of the people involved at this time.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the missing occupant, are asked to contact the Leesburg Police Department at (352)787-2121.


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