Couple Arrested After String of Burglaries and Home Invasion in Leesburg

Couple Arrested After String of Burglaries and Home Invasion in Leesburg

LEESBURG – A couple is behind bars after a series of burglaries and a home invasion where they held the victim at knifepoint in her home, according to arrest reports.

Leesburg Police officers responded to a call at Sleep Inn located at 2476 Citrus Boulevard in Leesburg late Thursday night just before midnight in response to a call of a possible burglary of a guest’s room, the report stated.

A hotel employee told officers that she noticed a man and woman carrying some bags and containers walking around the hotel “checking doors” by trying to turn the handles. When the witness went to check on them, she found the man, later identified as 30-year-old Allen Brown in a room searching through some of the personal belongings.


The witness stated that when she saw Brown, he quickly left the room and made a statement about being in the wrong room. Brown walked through the lobby and exited the hotel leaving behind his bags and his girlfriend, 28-year-old Tiffany Williams.

The employee was familiar with the person who was staying in the room Brown was in and found them using a computer in the lobby. When the employee asked if they knew Brown, they said they did not. The guest checked their room and told the employee they were missing some cash, ten Klonopin pills and a wallet that contained the victim’s driver’s license, social security card, bank cards, and other items

The employee then asked Williams to grab their belongings and leave the hotel property. That is when Brown came back into the lobby and began getting “loud and aggressive” with the employee.

She also stated that she followed them as they walked out of the lobby attempting to get back the items they had allegedly stolen. During that time, the employee told officers that Brown “pulled out” a knife and took an “aggressive stance”.

Brown and Williams left the hotel before officers arrived.

Officers searched the area for the two suspects but were unable to locate them. During their search, the found several bags and containers that contained women’s clothing, men’s clothing, several cell phones, a laptop, and other valuables. Among some of the items found, officers discovered paperwork from a previous Lake County Jail booking for Williams.

Officers received another call two hours later from an employee at Quality Inn located at 1392 West North Boulevard stating that there were two people matching the descriptions given for Williams and Brown.

After arriving at Quality Inn, officers located Brown in the  in the back parking lot hiding between vehicles. Brown had gloves, a flashlight, and a hatchet that had a cloth wrapped around the sharp end which is commonly known to be used to silence the sound made when breaking glass, according to officers.

While searching brown during his arrest, officers found personal items from the victim’s wallet in his possession.

Brown was charged with burglary, petit theft, theft of a controlled substance, and possession of burglary tools. He was later transported to the Lake County Jail.

Officers were also able to locate Williams ducking behind a vehicle attempting to hide from police. When she was apprehended,she had two backpacks that contained several pills, syringes, and other various drug paraphernalia including a scale and baggies commonly used to package and sell narcotics.

Williams was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and loitering.

While being questioned, Williams told officers that she ran to the back parking lot because she was recently released from jail on bond and did not want to get into trouble.

Williams was later transported back to the Lake County Jail.

After both suspects were in custody, officers received another call from a home in Leesburg in reference to a home invasion.

When officers responded, the resident of the home told officers that on Thursday morning between 4:00 am and 5:00 am, Williams and Brown forced themselves into her home.

According to the victim, she was home alone since the other two residents had left the home to go fishing. While they were out, she heard a knock and the door and went to answer it.

The victim told officers she asked who was at the door before opening and a voice from the outside replied stating it was “Richard”.

After opening the door, the victim recognized Williams and Brown and immediately attempted to close the door before they could enter.

She told officers that Brown forced his way through the door and held what appeared to be a silver Gerber pocket knife to her throat and told her to “sit down and shut up”.

Brown and Williams then went through the home taking various items including one of the resident’s cell phones, according to the victim.

The other two residents returned home to find the victim in distress. One resident told officers he went to several locations looking for Brown and Williams before reporting the incident in order to try to get his belongings back.

According to one resident, Brown and Williams took some fishing reels, tackle boxes, and his boots.

Williams and Brown were both additionally charged with home invasion robbery with a weapon.

Willaims remains in the Lake County Jail in lieu of a $29,000 bond and Brown remains in the Lake County Jail in lieu of a $44,500 bond.