Deputies Investigate Death of Inmate in Lake County Jail

Deputies Investigate Death of Inmate in Lake County jail

TAVARES – Lake County Deputies began an investigation into the death of a Lake County Jail inmate that occurred Saturday evening according to a press release.

Deputies at the jail found 89-year-old inmate Carl Lange in his cell unresponsive and transported him to Florida Waterman Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Lange was in a medical cell which was only occupied by himself due to his age and having multiple illnesses.


Lange was jailed on March 11th, 2016 and charged with second-degree murder after shooting Rosemary Getz, his live-in girlfriend, and her dog.

According to the original arrest report, Lange called Getz’s son and told him he better get to the house “or else”.

Getz’s son contacted Tavares Police and notified them. When police arrived, Lange was found in the home with a revolver and a notepad on the dining table.

Lange admitted to police that he had just killed Getz and her dog and was in the process of writing a note before killing himself.

After Lange’s arrest, detectives executed a search warrant of the home where they found the incomplete note Lange was writing before he was interrupted by police.

The note read, “I am sorry to leave you a pole of work to handle. Your mother and I have had to do this. Both of us a….” with the last word never being completed.

Lange has been in the custody of the Lake County Jail since his arrest in March.

According to court records, Lange was scheduled for sentencing on November 21st.

Deputies are still investigating Lange’s death, however, Lake County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, John Herrell stated in a release that there were no signs of trauma and nothing about this death seems suspicious.