Another Fun Day at Leesburg’s Lake Front Nights on Ski Beach

Leesburg Lake Front Nights

LEESBURG – It is obvious that the locals are enjoying the aroma coming from the food trucks, the sound of live music mixed with the laughter of children and adults alike, and the beautiful sunset seen from Ski Beach in Leesburg.

As it was during the last event, Leesburg residents came out to enjoy all of that and more Saturday night for the second event of Leesburg’s ‘Fun-in-the-Sun’ campaign.

As we walked through the crowd, we saw just how the community feels about revitalizing a once popular hangout. Children were running around the field or climbing the tall rock wall, adults were laughing and joking with each other in large groups, music was playing in the air, and the sweet smell of a variety of food would flow with the wind.


A long line of children and their parents stood at the window of Froby’s Ice Cream food truck waiting for their delicious made-to-order ice cream while the pretzel makers from the Amish Pretzel Shop twisted their pretzels as fast as they could to keep up.

Overall, the Lake Front Nights event turned out to be yet another success. Although it may not be to its previous glory from the days when water sports and picnics were abundant, it definitely has a beat and is coming to life.

Leesburg continues to work on their projects to bring Venetian Gardens and Ski Beach back to life. Join in on the fun and activities next month when they hold their third Lake Front Nights event on September 17 at 5 pm and be sure to bring your appetite for more Fun-in-the-Sun!

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